Jade is our largest water heavily stocked with carp. Jade contains specimen fish Only.

The largest carp at Emerald Pool Fishery can be found in this water.

Jade over the last two years has been drained and restocked. it now only contains 85+ Carp over 10lb.


Day Ticket: £10 (this allows 2 rods) £2 per additional rod.

Night Fishing: £25 per 24 hours.


  • 2 Acres

  • Average depth 6′

  • 30 Pegs


  • Mirror Carp

  • Common Carp

  • Ghost Carp

  • Leather Carp

  • Koi Carp


  1. NO KEEP NETS or sacks are allowed at Emerald Pool.

  2. All nets to be dipped in net dip station located near the first bridge on Emerald.

  3. Guest fees to be paid for anyone staying overnight with angler.

  4. Minimum beanie style unhooking mat.

  5. Minimum 42" landing net.

  6. No fish to be handled in towels or cloths.

  7. Barbless hooks only.

  8. All fish to be landed with a landing net regardless of the size.

  9. Peanuts and fixed rigs of any description are banned.

  10. All fish are the property of this fishery and must be returned to the water during or after your fishing session.

  11. All rubbish to be taken home with you. No rubbish to be left on banks.

  12. No rods to be left unattended at any time.

  13. No sacking of fish. Retaining slings can be used for fish handling back to the water or for recovery for photos etc.

  14. No handling or posing with fish for photos whilst standing. Fish to be held below knee level at all times above water or over an unhooking mat. Fish are never to be held over the ground without protection of a mat below.

  15. Spods and bait boats allowed, please be considerate to other anglers.

  16. No fish to be moved into or from the lake at any time.

  17. New rules may be brought into effect without prior notice. Please monitor our website and social media for any updates.