Rules & Prices


  1. NO KEEP NETS or sacks are allowed at Emerald Pool.

  2. No fish to be handled in towels or cloths.

  3. Barbless hooks only.

  4. All fish to be landed with a landing net regardless of the size.

  5. Peanuts and fixed rigs of any description are banned.

  6. All fish are the property of this fishery and must be returned to the water during or after your fishing session.

Day Tickets:

£10.00 per person for up to 2 rod/pole £2.00 extra for additional

Night fishing:

Night sessions at Emerald are now based on a 24Hr period: 24Hrs from the time of commencement.

24hrs per person £ 25.00

No restrictions on the number of rods per person, providing angler has appropriate licence to cover all rods used.